BA: New Theme is live

Hmm… If I open a few threads in new tabs, and then close the current one, there’s a very brief white flash just like a camera flash and not very pleasant :frowning: This only happens when I close a tab, not when just switching between them. I’m using Chrome btw. Others see this too?

Great taste!

I thought something was missing - nice catch Randy :slight_smile:

Awesome! Me gusta!

Congratulation, very nice done ! :slight_smile:

I feel some CG-Cookie-Style in it :smiley:

Kind regards

The light theme can’t come soon enough. Light text on dark background is extremely hard on my eyes.

Please get that light theme done ASAP.

Never mind; found the Theme drop-down. All is well.

Woah, i like it. :slight_smile:

Omg its so pretty!!! :smiley:

…but my eyes and my soul more likes the light-theme. I don’t like the dark and mysthic things. I prefer it as clear and objective as possible :slight_smile:
Just my taste :slight_smile:
Kind regards

Very nice style,
i like!

On the dark theme.
How do I know what threads I have visited already?
On the light theme.
Where are the top row images?

I dig it. I feel like I’m at ZBrush Central :slight_smile:

I’ve been browsing and replying to threads for about 15-30 minutes now, and there’s only one thing bugging me about this new Dark theme:

  1. I find the top image-banner area to be a bit busy, what with the ads and the featured threads thumbnails. Could just be me, but I thought I’d let you guys know just in case :wink:

Either way, though, it looks great! I find it easier on the eyes too.

Holy shit, this is great!

looks really nice :slight_smile:

Very professional.

Impressive, today in the morning i tried to change theme to default for the first time in settings, but i didn’t realize that today will be such a amazing change.

ONE ADVICE: I think there is to big contrast between every post. Earlier i could read it like a book, post after post, and now it is visually more complicated. Maybe a little less darker stripes between every post.

Dark theme for blender 2.5< is positive, and its good for my eyes!

Good luck!

Hmm…good point, +1 to that! Or maybe you guys (as in CGCookie) could make the post-headers/footers a little lighter?

Is that Harabara font for the text? That font is totally taking over the world slowly but surely. I see it everywhere lol. I like it though.

Nicely done, a welcome change.

Very spiffy! Can´t find anything to complain about :slight_smile: