Hello all you might have seen this topic in the off topic section before and I decided to move it to the Works in progress section since technically we all have started our cubicles I think so technically it is a work in progress. If you missed out on the details we are trying to create our own little space. I since i started this thread am getting a suite on the side of the building that overlooks the ocean. If you want to help make a 3d model of your own cubicle that you would like to include onthe virtual campus. Hopefully some point in time the moderators will take join in this thread and maybe get a suit or two on the side of our ocean side million dollar lot. Rules: Nothin immature and don’t overstuff your cubicle. Try to actually model it as if it were your real cubicle in a real business.

Are you just building a campus, or do you plan to do something with the campus once it is built?


okay here hold on look the point of this is to combine all our talents under one roof. Look the point is to have a good time. Were making a big building over looking the sea on a cliffside we decided that at the off topic. I’m going to design it and you guys make a cubicle with your own flare. Add a snowglobe or some little knick knacks. Just make a cubicle that you think would be like your real one if you had one.

Hey anyone know how I could get a nice carpet flooring for my room? How would I do that with the particles.

HEY I GOT A BETTER IDEA! Lets place the big building on the cliff in italy. Looking out on to the meditareanean.

Like right to the left of that town we could have our building. Eh?

Could you give the link to the off topic disscussion so that we can get a better idea what this is?

Never mind I found it:

Anyone know how to get a good transparent window texture

I guess not?