BA Site Update: May 16th, 2011

Site Upgrade:

Recently a few things have been moved around and new areas created to fit the demand on the site. This should help make the site a bit more organized and house the correct forums for the topics that are becoming more active on the site.

What has happened:

A Coding section has been birthed on the site. This section now hosts topic containers for Released Scripts and Themes, Python Support and Blender Code and Development.

News and Discussion has evolved into Latest News and Blender and CG Discussions. These two have some overlap, but there was a need to allow strictly news and headlines to have it’s own home. Allowing Blender and CG Discussions to thrive.

With this we have moved off-topic to the bottom of the forum. Off-topic is still an active section of the site, though just not a predominantly featured as the second forum on this Blender site. Same thing applies though to play nice and hug each other often.

Decided to join Twitter…. You may now find Blender Artists on twitter at

Continuing the Social Butterfly drive… With Facebook looking to do away with the “group” format of pages, Blender Artists group is becoming Blender Artists Page here at:

In the next few days if you have a moment please visit us over there. The site will be ramping up on updating and publishing feature threads and articles there. In addition we will be featuring Forum Gallery images over there.

Thank you for voicing the need for the above sections and the crew here will continue to work on further upgrades and react to the growth of the site. BA is approaching 100k users with 200+ new activations each day!

So thank you again for hanging with us on the site and see you on the next one!


Wes and the BA Crew

p.s. With us moving a bit of things around. If you see something in a place it should not be. Just please let us know (report post feature) and we will get on it. :wink:

p.s.s. The forum banner is coming back and I know we’ve been saying this for a bit. :wink: Talk on it weekly and it is getting closer and should be pretty sexy.

yeey, this definitely looks like an improvement. Thanks for all your hardwork wes (and the rest of the cgcookie/moderators crew)!

This is a positive move and a wise decision!

OT in the gutter where it belongs! Oh wait I post there. Great job reorganizing, would “latest news” be better off as “Latest Blender News?” I can see it being a topic for other things as was the previous news and discussion, people may think some new paper or render engine qualifies as latest news.

Edit: seriously tho, ot at the bottom really lowers the maniac quotient considerably.


The site update looks good overall. But the difference between Latest News and Blender and CG Discussions is just too confusing. Won’t it be too hard to draw a line between what’s new and just a discussion of a feature of Blender, since Blender is in constant development?

But ok, that’s problems for the admins. :wink: I’ll be checking both sections anyway, no matter how they are mixed up.

Almost forgot to add: a BIG thank you for the new Beginning Blender Code and Development. I was hoping for it to be added. :slight_smile:

On a sidenote: I had to post edit my post a few times because topics are still being moved and stuff. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

Wow makes another massive leap forward thanks to all those involved.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the new coding forum, admins! You’re one of the most responsive crews I’ve ever dealt with.

A very smart move, use new media, new environments, it has the face of the blender community … congratulations!

Excellent moves forward. :smiley:

It’s great to see admins listening to suggestions of the community and taking action on those suggestions. It’s also very good to see that consideration has been put into the changes and no knee-jerk hacks to the forum have been made. Overall the changes seem very sensible and appropriate to both current and future Blender users.

I’ll have to check out the Facebook page, sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile:

Great evolution of the site! And a nice moment to become more active again :slight_smile:


yep. we are constantly moving forward. ^^

Looking good, much needed changes :slight_smile: