Baal ball

You use the up and down arrows to move the board and the ball. Press C to see the whole board. My orignial music and design.

let me know know if this works!

nope, doesnt work

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I got a runtime error. It’s best not to post the standalone game but rather just post the blend file itself.!HnxCCQZK!faDlZe1-lUjK010LPMqve8DyVQUJLVMNHiNKzu7VprA

  1. windows gives a protection warning
  2. the .exe alone is not enough
  3. due to only an exe lots of errors
  4. read:…0…1…gws-wiz.HjiYYdirG90

in short, eport to .exe and pack everything including the dll’s and folders.

try this!3zJXmCrK!JNU4wF7Y6Ror5wLX71I-VOIK3i7kmObTw93Fu2Fn4pE

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That works!

plays quite nice, i only wish the rotating was a bit faster, good soundtrack too :smiley:

The soundtrack is my compostion…I call it flip flop! Thanks for looking at my project!