Baass.1 (blender animate and shutdown system)

Ok jackj posted this as a request/question and kind of got me started.

Say you have your computer rendering something huge that may take half a night but your don’t want your computer to stay on all night.

This script will shut down your entire computer when the render/anim is done.

It should work with both windows and linux systems.


I try your script on Ubuntu with sudo ./Blender.
It closes Xwindow but ask for login and then shutdown

Hmm well I wasn’t entirely sure about the linux functionality… Mr Barton gave me the command for that. Sadly I don’t have linux myself for testing.

I’ll have another look around.

Interesting script.

I like the concept and will try it later.


karpov: try replacing “init 0” in the script with each of these and tell me which one works bestest.

“shutdown -h now”

Thing is… I can’t really help testing this bit… so if someone can figure out what the proper/most functional linux command is I’ll put it in so that everyone can use the script.

Same goes for a mac shutdown command if anyone can find it.

Well…actually it’s working. Just have to wait few seconds when it’s asking for login (works with init 0 or shutdown -h now )

great job !

cool, good to hear and thanks for testing… I’ll just leave it as is then :wink:

I added a version now that should work for mac as well.

This is actually kind of silly, there are several ways to do this, like using cron. But really I have no idea why?

My system has been running for months without a shutdown, or reboot.

well sure… I didn’t say this thing would be usefull for everyone, but a lot of people do shut down their pc at night, or when they’re away. :wink:

My system has been running for months without a shutdown, or reboot.
you like your bills?

Electricity is part of my rent package. My system doesn’t draw as much as most of the appliances in my place. Hot water heart, refer, stove, washer/dryer.

To me it’s kind of like taking your tires off your car when you park it so that the elements don’t deteriorate them.

I run a strong firewall, that opens ports only on request, and as it stands it is almost allways rendering something. I might have two or three test renders to run while I’m sleeping. I might do a few different .blend files of the same subject and then wake up to three or for full OSA test renders to get some insight on where I want something to go.