Hi guys… I m working on this little girl… Right now I modelled and textured it…now have to rig and animate…
I haven’t tried rigging yet so it will be time taking, I guess. Your help will be highly solicited.


Thanks facebone…:slight_smile:
Yes I’ll be keep updating here as I proceed.

Really cute and promising.
beware of you’re lightind wich is a bit poor.

I advise you to use the pitchipoy metarig (available in the base addon with riggigy) if you’re not familiar with rigging.
you’ll easily find the tutorial to use it on youtube.

if you want to create your own rig, then the human rigging collection by Nathan Vegdhal is a must have.

Thanks pieriko for the suggestion…:slight_smile:
For llighting, I used 3 point lighting planes. I’ll improve that too…
Now I am studying Nathan Vagdhal’s Humanne Rigging. N will post some results tomorrow.

And I started to rig .its very basic rig I think… Nathan’s Humanne Rigging seemed quite advanced for me so Ior now, I followed Darren Liel’s character Rigging tutorial…maybe after sone time I’ll go back to Nathan’s Humanne Rigging. wondering how to rig the skirt perfectly.


Basic Rigging is complete but haven’t rigified yet. Still working on skirt rig. Eye rig is also pending. There are some issues like, texture stretching in cloth. Probably I’ve to rig the cloth separately.


Thanks man…your comments keep me motivated…:slight_smile:

I don’t know why but Eyes are not looking good…


And here is the little update. I’ve been struggling on eyes. First I tried polygon eyelashes, but it wasn’t looking good so I tried particle hair. Still have to make eyebrows.
What do you think guys…? How does it look…?


Quite nice, although (not sure if this was intentional) very creepy. The eyes are very far apart, presumably intentionally, and the left eyelashes seem to be longer? Maybe just the angle. Anyway, nice work, keep it up!

Thank you QQq. Yes Eyes are kept far apart intentionally but rather than creepy I want the character to be cute:P. Moreover I don’t want to make the eyes big. Maybe I should figure out how can I fix the eyes.

Thanks facebone for the suggestions…:slight_smile: …very soon I will post the updates…right now I am learning IK rigs from Nathan Vagdhal’s tutorials.