Baby Draconis

I’m attempting to make the baby draconis from subdivision forums. Here’s where I am after about 2.5 hours. (this is the first time of using blender in about a year :o )

P.S. The concept art isn’t mine. It’s from subdivision forums.


looks like a good start. Pretty clean looking so far. Keep going

Ooooooh, the ref. looks very Dragon like, I like this project already.:smiley:

Nice work so far.

Ok, did a bit more work on it. (Tweaking, added a tooth, some horns, etc.)


Looks good but it would look better if the teeth we maybe a bit sharper to make it look more menacing. In the reference you see that the teeth are sharp but on your model it is a flat spot instead of a point. Looking good so far.

I like the topography

Dragons Yay! :smiley:

that is no. 2 on my to do list

So far superb i agree about the teeth though but as you said tweaking etc…

i look forward to seeing the full model :yes:

Yeah. a bit sharper on the teeth. and smooth the teeth’s curve out so it isn’t mostly on the end, but a even curve throughout. looking good

Ok, well I just didn’t put the tips on the teeth yet. They are just an open hole.

@Mmph!: Thanks, I tried to make it good topology, and I guess it worked.

Just a quick 5 minute fix for the teeth:


Update: Added rear horns and fixed things up a bit. The rear horns gave me some trouble. (pic. 2) Do you guys think it looks right?


I think it looks great so far.

You might actually want to push the brow ridge a bit further, depending on what you’re looking for as a default expression. It seems nice and dragonlike at the moment, but in a cute, almost friendly kinda way. If you lower the brow, it’ll look more scary.

On the other hand, since it’s a baby dragon, it might not matter.

just a thought.

Thanks, but I will decide that later. I think that since it’s a baby, it isn’t as mean as an older one, but we’ll see.

looks real nice

It just so happens that I can only work on this on weekends, because of school. Don’t think I’m not going to finish this; I’m just doing stuff for school instead. Hopefully an update soon.

Well, I think it’s about time for an update. It’s not much, but it looks good! :smiley:

Really capturing the baby dragon look well. Keep it up

Man, the wings are gonna be very hard. And I’m not good at feet or hands like this… We’ll see how it goes.

Yeah, just start simple and then add details. And post pictures so we can see how it’s going :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks for your support, Crititrozoz!

Wow, it’s been a while. here’s an update. Any suggestions for making better wings? right now, it’s just extruded.