Baby Dragon

Character rigging and animating in blender for the first time. Modeled the dragon referring the " Drogon" in GOT. Skeined and animated myself. Rendered in blender. Post processing in Premier pro.

For a first animation while being new to Blender, it isn’t bad.

Now you can work on making the motions feel smoother and having motion in multiple areas of the body at once. Do not forget that subtle motion added on top can add a bit of enhancement as well.

Yeah I should… Thanx a lot for the advices :o

Also, with walking creatures make sure that the length of their steps is the same as the distance they cover. Otherwise you get the dreaded sliding-on-the-ground effect, like the one in your video. It’s pretty common with starting animators, but unforunately it’s also pretty visible. Kudos for a really good attempt, though!

Yes, There’s lot to improve. Thank you for the valuable advices, :o