Baby Face

my current WIP

EDIT: deleted all images from muddpuddle but latest:

C&C welcome
updates soon,

Image deleted. see


huh, a really big update :P, looks funny but nice !

It’s really good. I wish I could model faces like that Lol. You should try applying ramp shading to make it look a little more realistic, unless that’s what you were going for.

the creases around the chin make it look scary, a little bit like one of those maniquin dolls. Other than that, make the cheeks more pudgy and less geometric. It’s looking good.

LOL! I used a doll for my referance!

Yeah, I use ramps, but that is just a temp texture so it’s not scarry :wink:

Thanks for the encouragement
more updates soon (not quite so big, I just got carried away :wink: )

reminds me of:


I think maybe something is up with the edgeloops round the eyes and stuff. Either that or some verts just need adjusted. Can you post a wireframe?

Cheeks more pudgy and lines around the chin less defined


Looking good. The lips need to be a bit thicker. The eyes need to be set into proper eye-sockets – something you won’t be able to get from a doll. However, I can’t imagine that it’d be that hard to find a reference picture on google. The back of the baby’s head needs to be a bit more bulbous and rounded.

update: thcker lips, eyelids, rounded back of head head

EDIT: Images removed from Muddpuddle

BTW: osxrules, that realy is a disugsting image

As I was scrolling around the first post I was going to make was:

“Two words: Childs Play”

As you can see someone OSXRules beat me to it. For some reason CG babies are simply terrifying…

Back to topic - the lips on your baby need more detail, as do the eyelids. Give em a good CTRL R.