Baby Names And Junk

I want to get a list of baby names for a project I’m doing. Any on the Net that are printable? I just need a list of names.

Just friggen go to and search “baby names”, and quit posting bullshit here, your filling up elysiun with junk!!! :<


Blend on, and blend well!!!


it’s so often that people are just to lazy to look something up themselves, they want someone else to do the work for them. It would probably have taken less time to do a google search and find something than to post this question here.


%| I DID. It didn’t work. I searched “baby names.” The reason I put up “printable” is because they wanted some polls and junk.

I dunno…If I have a kid, I’m gonna name him Aloysius Samhain VanderCock. Even if it’s a girl. No, wait, especially if it’s a girl.

Ok, I get the middle name. Samhain is the Celtic god of death. What do the first and last names mean, though?

Aloysius: either a saint, a french poet or a university (pick one)
VanderCock: a press (for printing that is) or something else.

could be something completely different though.

I’d like to thank google, the academy of searching and …


Aloysius: A (Christian) saint.
Samhain: (Pronounced “Sow-een”) A Pagan holiday.
VanderCock: [expletive deleted]
Thelen: My own last name.
The XXXIII: To make fun of people who pretend to be from a long line of aristocracy (read The Razor’s Edge) :smiley:

Cubefan complaining about polls? %| heh heh heh!


Specifically, it’s the holiday that’s now called Halloween, and celtic in origin though the same day* has been celebrated in various cultures, samhain is the celtic name for it (I don’t know what language in specific).

*or time period, the celtic samhain lasted for a week.

TO GOOGLE: baby names list “printable version”