Baby Raptor Dinosaur Egg

Modeled, texture, rigged and animated in Blender.:smiley: New improvements in the Armature, and new UV map.


Great humor and character movement! Also, the look and style are very impressive! This is a level I want to reach, in terms of detail, style and animation. Very, very good work. :slight_smile:

Good work! The dino moves very natural.

very cute and nice textures and movements^^

one thing: i’m not a fan of that green texture of the baby it looks a bit like frog green, a bit darker might be better :o

Cute concept! Liked the animation and movements. Enjoyed the textures as well, but thought the veins popping out of the raptor’s thigh seemed a little unnatural/inorganic to me.

Great job, it was funny :). The only thing you might work in more is the background. Ok, it is a desert, but seems too empty.

5 stars for you.

Just Great and impressive. Felt happy after seeing the video.

I like the animation, particularly the walk cycle. What approach did you take for the walk cycle? Do they move along a path? I understand that there are different approaches that you can take and I’m trying to find out the best approach.

Good work.

Hey Thanks for the comments and recommendations.

@ ijay: This walkcycle is really straight ahead. Like in real life. The whole model moves.
There is a way using stride bone. Also you can move the floor, using static walkcycles. I would use it if the feet are not shown in the animation. In my case I have always seen a bit of slip doing it in that way. Kind of skating effect.:frowning: