Baby Raptor Dinosaur Egg

Modeled, texture, rigged and animated in Blender. New improvements in the Armature and UV map.:smiley:


That’s a cute animation. The rig looked smooth too.

It’s funny I just recently made my own velociraptor model in blender and the picture that the big raptor shows to the little one is one of the references I used. That and screenshots from Jurrasic Park. Although their raptors were quite a bit bulkier than what actual raptor skeletons looked to indicate.

not bad!
the shading on the brown dino and the egg is pretty good, it works well with the lighting you’ve got. no complaints on that from me

but to be honest, i didn’t like the green dino - mostly because the legs were really disproportionate to the body. a quick google search shows the legs on dinos like these are a lot more narrow than what you have.
I don’t know if this was a design decision or not, but for next time I think you should keep an eye on anatomy/proportions/shapes.

That’s some sweet animation! I like the brown Dino, pretty cool.

rofl, nice!