Baby Rattlesnake

There was a baby rattlesnake at my house when I got home on Saturday.
My dad chopped its head off with a shovel. Here’s a picture.

Sorry about the picture quality. It was getting dark and I used the flash.
Maybe I’ll post another picture of me holding it.

Updated picture:

Are you a snake-o-phob or something? Those things would be harmless if you didn’t mess around with them.

there was a squirrel in the nearby forest last weekend,
my wife stoned it to death.


His dad did mess around with it, and now it is really harmless.

Where’s Super Wu when you need him? :rolleyes:

Actually, baby rattlers are more poisonous than the adults. But, snakes in the USA don’t usually go around hunting people, they just try to either keep warm or cool.

When I started walking in the dessert at night, I wondered if I’d get hit on the ankle like those old cowboy movies (“gasp, cough, Festus, suck the poison out!”). But, at night, they are off to the warmer parts, likely a nearby paved road or clumps of dessert brush… So, if you are walking in the dessert at night, stay on the sand or have a “Festus” near by :slight_smile:

Not necessary true. Adult Rattler control the amount of poison to inject cause it is so metabolistically expensive to manufacture it. They usually only inject a few drops at a time. Baby rattler have not yet learned how to manage that yet and so will inject ALL of it’s poison in a single bite and while th baby is smaller than the adult, they still contains more poison than what the adult usually injects.

Just clearing that up.

A animal planet network watcher
(I watches these Venom ER show once in a while and found that out)

Thanks for clearing that up. I was just remembering from gradeschool, where this rattle snake guy came in with snakes and showed us all his surgery scars from being bit by baby rattlers. He had huge gashes where they removed mass necrotic sections of tissue(ewww). But I never wanted to be “Rattle Snake Boy”… Steve Irwin was Awwwwweome. R.I.P. Dude.

Well…one bad thing about the rattlesnake is that it was born recently. That means there is a large mother snake somewhere too! And about 12 other baby ones!
QNev: What do you want me to do? Leave it in my yard to grow to 5 feet long?
There have always been lots of rattlesnakes around my house. My grandpa showed me how to skin one that was 3.5 feet long. I knew about the poison thing too. I don’t want to get bitten by one. I live at about 30 minutes away from the hospital. My neighbor got bitten by a baby rattlesnake. She had to get several antidotes because she didn’t bring the snake with her. They had no clue how much poison it released. Each antidote costs 900 U.S. dollars!!
My cousin is trying to buy a house in Texas. One of the houses he looked at had a large rattlesnake swimming in the pool. He hates snakes.
Apparently lots of blender users live in Australia. Aren’t the world’s most poisonous snakes there?

Why not leave it around your house?

Here where I live, when my parents where kids, if they saw a bird, they would throw stones at it.

Now, for most people, if we see a snake, we let it go, just step out of the way.There are possom living in my backyard, just as saguis ( - little monkeys) living at my neighbor’s house, very very big lizards living nearby and many other animals. I have a friend whose house is near a small river with lot’s of jacarés (yacare/cayman/aligator).

If you don’t hurt these animals they won’t harm you, and that is not only smalltalk, because in my city people learned to leave all these animals alone and everybody is just fine.

I get a LOT more scared with the neighbor’s rottweiler than with the dozens of brown spiders, wolf spider, armadeira spider (all known to kill people) in my backyard. If you start killing and being afraid of anything that might hurt you, you will have to kill almost every living being:P

You don’t seem to understand, rattlesnakes are DEADLY. It is not a good idea to have poisonous snakes living in your yard. If you accidentally step on one, it would certainly bite you.

Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear:D I don’t mean you have to live with the snakes, but you don’t have to kill them. You can just capture them and take them somewhere else, give to the organization resposible for the wildlife what ever this is where you live.

Here in my city I never saw a rattlesnake, but we also have them. We also have Jararacas that are agressive and they attack people without notice and coral snakes. Near my house there are a lot of coral snakes, but since their fangs ( fangs? teeth?) are too small they can’t bit you unless it’s on your finger, ear or something like.

I never knew here drug habbit got that bad basse. she really must be down in the dumps to be smoking up with animals.

falls over laughing at Alltaken’s post

In my experience, I’ve carted non-poisonous snakes away from my populated area, or just left them alone if no one else saw them (they don’t bother me personally). However, poisonous snakes find themselves dead. Once, when I was a counselor at a kids’ camp, I had to catch a rattler, using with a bag and a stick, that had made its way onto the playground. Extremely nerve-racking. Had it not been a church camp with a “nature policy” I would have offed him. Isn’t that what God made .22’s for?

yesterday my kids found a baby hedgehog, they set it on fire and we all grilled some sausages for a little evening snack …


Don’t you have animals and plants protection laws?

To be quite frank, the snakes don’t live near your house, but your house has been built where those critters live. Quite a difference.

And now some USA social security bashing. Social security would have covered that if you guys would have had a decent social security. (editted due to dwarvenfury)

None the less a shame for the snake to come to such an end but then again we don’t have that kind of animals here and I wouldn’t want annything with deadly poison near my house but then again quote 1.


And now some USA social security bashing. Social security would have covered that if you guys would have had a decent economical system/government.
Dude, can we stay on topic? I believe that the only way the way the members of this forum can keep from starting flame wars is by not saying everything concerning politics or religion that they believe. IMO, it’s a bad idea (and also, quite rude) to bash another country’s government, especially when there are many members on this board that are from there. (Not to mention that the board rules say no politics.)

Yeah, so that’s my opinion on that, for what it’s worth.

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On-topic: Cool snake picture. Its head is missing.:spin: