Baby Red Autobot

Hello to all
I’m from Indonesia.
This is my 1st time to post my artwork in here.
This is my 1st transforming animation.


Very nice. I like it. I just thought the hubcaps when the car was rolling in seemed a bit wobbly but it could have just been youtube. Keep it up!

wow!, i’d love to know the tools do you used to make such a rig!!!
Great work dude!

Jaw-dropping work! Amazing! Keep it up dude!


I made it with bones and some helper like ‘empty’
And for the car body,each of them I animate it with manual,you need to detach them 1st.

Btw have you guys watch (Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body) Music Video?
I was thinking how to make a lighting/lamp background like that…
if you guys have a nice idea,please tell me.

Very good - far better than I could do - one very minor thing was that you can see right through the vents in front of the car.
while in reality I think they would be in shadow and components would be behind them - it spoiled the realism of the car a bit .
I can see why you left the holes but if they were somehow filled in it would look better (I think anyway)

how did you do that please tell ?