Babylon 5: Tbolts and OCD

(A2597) #1

T’Bolt: Banner
Omega: Matt Tarling


(S68) #2

Very nice,

I like the general setting and the usage of motion blur. Mothership is very well detailed.


(sten) #3

cool done…I always loved Bab5!!

(hannibar) #4

Lovely. I like the detailed models.
One comment is the motion blur. It’s kinda blocky. I suggest to retouch it a little in a paint program. It draws to much attention now.

(BgDM) #5

Very nice. Great scene and atmosphere in the image. Excellent detail in the mothership as well.

One comment is the motion blur. It’s kinda blocky

I think the same thing. Maybe just turn down the setting a bit in the render window to fix this, or, as hannibar said, retouch in Photoshop or something. It is a little distracting.


(slikdigit) #6

So what? I can capture stills from my tv too :wink:
great job.

(A2597) #7

I guess I can re-render with 16 passes rather then 8. :slight_smile:

that should clear it up. :wink: