A recent peice. I have worked in Blender for a bit over a year now…cant compete with some of the stuff ive seen lately, but feedback is greatly welcomed!


Wow this is really cool nice job. maybe turn the spec down on the camel?

Very nice indeed. This picture reminds a lot of what I’m writing now. My only issue in the camel is a bit shiny and its texture is a bit flat. Applying a normal map might help. The guy’s pose feels a bit stiff, too. Other than that, it’s perfect.

I feel a bit stiff in Blender as yet. I am in the process of learning Zbrush, and soon I will be able to apply those messes with Blender but its all a process, is it not? I appreciate the feedback, could you be a bit more specific? I used Yafaray to render and touched things up in Photoshop and Corel 11.

Any advise is greatly appreciated!!!

In the material settings for your camel is a specular option. try adjusting it more toward black. It will make the fur look more believable. As for the guys pose it feels like he’s walking stiff-legged. If I was trudging through the desert my shoulders would be a rather relaxed and I’d be leaning towards the top of the hill enough to make the climb up a bit easier. That’s all I can say criticism-wise.

Something I also noticed, but is more of a thing I have with all human models is that the hands don’t see quite right. I notice it in video games, movies (even Avatar), and people’s artwork on BA.

Keep at it. I like how your imagination works.