BAC #3 Open for Entries

the Blender Animation Challenge is going into round 3 and we hope that participation is as high as the last two rounds.
Todays base file is provided by Malefico (last rounds winner) and it is about a slide and Kiopaa’s rig which most of you know from the last round.

Join the fun and come over to the BAC#3

For those interest you can get the files and the texts for all BACs from the git repository at
I’m tracking all changes for the animation challenge in this repository.

Bumping this to give everyone a reminder that a new round of the BAC has started. So head over to the contest forum and enter.
If you have questions please post em here!

I’ve only used very (VERY!!) basic rigs. For me its akin to someone who has piloted model airplanes sitting down behind the stick of the space shuttle.

But you will never get better if you do not try and this challenge is a perfect opportunity to tune your skills. And if you see that you can’t make the deadline it doesn’t really matter. See it as a learning experience and not as a challenge.