BAC#3 Voting Thread

It is again time to choose the best entry for the blender animation challenge. Take your time and view every entry before judging. Keep in mind that this is a animation challenge so disregard lighting, texturing (which doesn’t exist anyway :wink: ) and materials.
Primary criteria is the animation and how the story is told. I suggest to turn off all sound when watching to not get distracted by possible sound effects.

Most important of all enjoy viewing the entries!

Here are the entries:
















Tough choice. Great animations people! :slight_smile:

harharhar! I liked Kiopaa’s. It was a looping animation! Ingenious!

Wigglyframes FTW! He made an 2:27 long animation! :open_mouth:

WOW! Some really good entries here! I have seen some CG movies that were commercial successes that had weaker animation than worse shown here! (Hoodwinked comes into mind)

I had trouble picking out the best, but I feel that Kiopaa’s animation was most fluid.
Wigglyframes had really cool entry, that could benefit from more polish… and too bad that bunny’s animation went only to the blocking phase - it shows great promise…

Great work everyone!

I found it hard to find the right guy to vote for. I voted for kiopaa finally as i thought that his/her character animation was the best but i was nearly going to vote for wiggly frames as his/hers had the best storyline.

well done to all


Wigglyframes did an amazing job at the story - best by far -
but I agree more polish on the animation would have nailed it.
(and falling through the floor was a bit abstract compared to the rest of it in my view)
Awesome work

But my vote went to Blenderguy (sound down of course)
good story and great animation

Chermicidols was also very good but the movement wasn’t quite believable up the stairs
(it would be more of a jump when shift weight from the hands that are on different landings)
and then the acceleration down the slide was way too fast

This was heaps of fun guys and congrats to all the entries

and thanks for the few votes people

Hello Blenderartists!

Thanks to Musk for organising this challenge as well as to Kiopaa and Malefico for their preparations. It was a great experience to take part in it.

My entry was (beside some tests and tutorials) the first blender movie I ever made. So I agree with Ristesekuloski and Octagon that it could benefit from more polish… :slight_smile: But you can see how I learned animation by blender: The first walkcicle is just ghastly, in the middle there are some acceptable parts and the end suffers from a lack of time. But that’s from a guy who can’t even handle an IPO :slight_smile:

So I hope to learn how you made all this - avemagnadude’s use of the camera focus, blenderguy2008’s animated slide, Ronnie’s body language, chimericidol’s acrobatic stunts or kiopaa’s smooth and naturally moves.

Thanks for the votes!

(Sorry, english isn’t my native language)

first animation!!?!!

by jebus that’s good

sorry …DP

congrats blender Guy

Ok we have an official winner: Congratulations blenderguy2008!

Here is a summary of the results:

blenderguy2008  10  24.39%
wigglyframes     9  21.95%
chimericidol     9  21.95%
Kiopaa           6  14.63%
R3po             2   4.88%
waylow           2   4.88%
Ronnie           2   4.88%
avemagnadude     1   2.44%
RedJay           0   0%
bunny            0   0%
Brados33         0   0%
mistermaster     0   0%
chrisisli        0   0%
And1Legend21     0   0%
cooldoc          0   0%

I will get in contact with blenderguy2008 for the next round. If anyone has a basefile for a bac feel free to send em in.

(this is a google translation)
Congratulations to Blenderguy

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and thank you for use Pantin again.
If you are interested, here is a new version of the rig : Pantin.blend
news :

  • the names of the bones are now in English
  • new rig of the feet with the script “”
  • new eyebrows more flexible.


hey guys, thank you for the votes…

and of course congratulations for blenderguy2008 and all the participants, I am already waiting for the next one!!

Awesome Kiopaa
I’ll have a play around tomorrow

thanks for the rig - it’s fun

Yes, indeed, congratulations to blenderguy. Althought I voted for chimericol, even though he was the one who said no to my intention of using a cane, and therefore made my whole idea a lot harder to achieve, which in turn, caused me not to finish on time… Hummmm… I seem to be getting into a little angry circle here. Oh well, forgive and maybe one day forget.

Maybe the no new mesh idea could be swapped to a collection of props… That wouldn’t hurt.

Congrats Blenderguy!!

With permission from musk, of course, how would a channel on vimeo sound? :D:D:D:D:D Just a thought, and I have the time to keep up with it.

Thanks for the vote Dipscom.

I just wanted to say that I was against the cane idea because for me this contest is first of all for practice. In my opinion its more educative (its harder) to know how to come up with some interesting animation with already given scene than have an idea and later create necessary objects. This is the job of the animator, most of the time you wont be able to choose wich objects you want to use but you will be given a ready scene.

I am sorry but also surprised that because you didn’t have cane you were not able to come up with some interesting story and you failed with your animation. You can see by the amount and quality of work presented here that it was possible to create interesting short only with one prop.


Congratulations to blenderguy2008 !

and many thanks to everyone who voted for me. I am so surprised to get that many votes for my first contribution to such a contest. Thats a big encouragement to give the next BAC another try.

I agree with chimericidol to keep the add-no-mesh - rule, because its more fair for all to work on the same base and more interesting to see what comes out on ideas.


I don’t think a collection of props is a good idea since it just distracts from the animation. I think the basefile should bring whatever the author deems necessary and then the animator has to work with it. Just like in a real job. You have a task and the props and your job is to animate it.