BAC#6.... I did it anyway!

Sooo I found out another thing Americans do differently than most of the world. Not only do we call football soccer, and refuse to convert to the metric system, but we also write our dates differently! See, I read 7.2.2010 as July (the seventh month of the year) 2nd, 2010. So I thought I had TONS of time for this challenge :p. Looks like I was wrong, but that’s ok, because I’m doing the animation anyway!

I always preferred playing keeper, so the goalie will be the focus of my animation.
Haven’t started on the shooter, or any camera composition.

in france 7.2.2010 means february, 7th, 2010 too…

Got an update for ya.

Next thing I want to work on is the players’ reaction. I’m pretty satisfied with it so far, but critiques and comments are definitely welcomed.

Again sorry for the misunderstanding. Next time I’ll make sure to write the month as a word

No problem at all! I’m just happy to have access to this great rig :smiley:

Its really nice video of Soccer which you share with us.I watch this before on You tube.Its really nice but tell me why not to convert it into system which you are telling us.

All done! Love to hear some critiques :smiley:

Good work, love the camera shake!! It’s given me an idea for the BAC #7 that just started. The lighting was very bright, if I remember right, there were lots of lights in the base file, some of them were on another layer and I didn’t use them… Good job!