BAC#7 Open For Entries

Round #7 of the Blender Animation Challenge is open for entries. This round we have a quad legged rig to animate provided by Waylow.

Interested? Then head over to the contest thread and get started

We have a bug fix for the rig so I updated all links accordingly. Anybody who downloaded it might want to grab the new file. I also started the official WIP thread which may be used for questions and WIP of any BAC7 entry.

If I have time I’ll enter this.

I haven been meaning to get involved with the BAC for some time now.

Thank’s for the rig :slight_smile:

i was looking for a dog rig

and you got something interesting here

now is there any good tut on how to make such a rig for animals?
video or PDF

would be interested in understanding how to do that!


You should contact Waylow maybe he has some time and interest in making a tutorial