BAC#7 Voting Thread [Closed]

And we have a winner congratulations revolt_randy

I will get in contact with you about the new scene.

It’s time again to vote for the best entry for this round. So take your time and look at each entry carefully and vote for the best animation. This is a animation challenge so please disregard sound, lighting and rendering as the important part is animation.
The entires are:






Late Entry:


Good luck to everyone and happy blending!

they are all brilliant but i do like serpent36’s unfortunately i cant vote for him up top

l liked them all but technically revolt_randy’s seemed the most ‘fluent’ if that makes sense… :slight_smile:

nice work people!!

I will be making a newer version of the rig (2.5) in month or so
so if you have any feedback - problems you found, PM me

I am planing a better tail (couldn’t get the spline IK working yet) and also a better way to get him to sit in IK mode because it’s hard to control where you want his legs unless your in FK


Hi guy.
Just one suggestion about the different rigs we have on the BAC. I would like to point out that the meshes we have are not so attractive compare to other software. the rig himself his good but the design of pantin or pedro isn’t so appealing. Sorry for my poor english.

I understand. Blender’s user base is very small, and focused on modelling. We need to setup popular meshes with good rigs.

I would disagree - the focus for the BAC is…well animation

there are a few reasons why it is preferable to use simple looking models for an animation challenge

-the model will not distract from the motion itself - which is what this challenge is about (getting better at animation)
-having visual markers for the joints (ball joints) make easier to see when your arcs are not smooth, and when your joints are moving the wrong way
-render times are lower
-less controls (like fingers, mouth etc) mean you can spend more time on your general movements w/o having to focus on advanced “acting”

Will a prettier model make you animate better?

Hi, great works everybody.
Unfortunatly, I didn’t find time to make an entry this month.

sowibra2002 says : " the rig himself his good but the design of pantin isn’t so appealing. "

It’s true, the design of Pantin could be more appealing. But I don’t know how to achieve that.
So if someone wants to make a new design for Pantin, let me know, I can make modifications…


Hi guys.
maybe with some tweaks on pantin the model would be better.

He wasn’t in on the voting as his entry arrived too late. I still put him here to at least let others see his entry.

@ mtracer

Well I have been saying the same for centuries…but it will only create enemies! TIME FOR A NEW RIG…Come on BLENDERARTISTS? Something new…funny face…no robotic style…time to move on! Time to bring more participants ! Blender has so much potential to create a better mesh with nicer appealing…keeping the same simplicity on the rig!..


The mesh has nothing to do with the rig ! can have a much better mesh without making the rig more complex…!

Is any one interested in joining into a new MESH plus RIG creation? The only thing we need to keep simple is the texture for easy rendering…Why don’t we all submit sketches and make a decision for a new rig?..Opening a pool with the sketches so the majority will decide? and then may be they will participate?..A rig with its own PDF instructions?

People on youtube will say…yeah the same over and over…year over year…Blender 2.5 is going to the top…let’s design something challenging-new that awakes the intrigue in MAYA users!..COME ON…LET"S DO IT ! Pedro is the same PANTIN boring objects re-arranged differently…not to mention the fear for weight painting…parented objects creates a robotic illusion…I would keep pantin if we had many participants…but lets be honest…every time we have less and less involved…one with 15 votes and the rest pretty much cero!..Be realistic…2.5…new era…new publicity…MOVE ON! :rolleyes:

take a look at one of the MAYA rigs…the guy with underwear and glasses…something appealing is what I am talking about…and the animation will still be very simple…some shapes with controllers!

Please don’t reply with the same cyclic comment: “”"“You are free to make your own contest….”"""

animaticoide = blenderguy2008 ?
why a new name ?


Time for a new rig…

YES! YES! I’m ok for a new mesh that’s quiet simple to learn acting and maybe later w’ll design more sophisticated model that allowed to perform more advanced animation.And there I think the BAC will be more attractive and more relevant to all community.

@blenderguy - you are banned - tut tut

It is always easy to call on other to do your bidding… take a leap and provide a mesh. Your animations clearly show that you are up to the task. I’m just the manager and who ever wins gets the chance to propose a new rig or you can always propose a rig and try to persuade the winner to use it in the next challenge. I’m open for entries just send em to me and if the winner doesn’t want to provide a scene the community is free to vote on another one.
This challenge is for the community as a learning experience for animation. I have had the discussion about how to do this challenge lots of time and the current form has been the best so far for pariticipation. When I took this animation challenge over there were one to zero participants most of the time and back then it was fully open and no scene or rig was provided.

I’m open for suggestions on how to improve this challenge but I’m not just going to change the way it is held just because some people “scream” louder then others. The rules are in place to ease participation and to keep participants on track cause modelling and texturing are a time consuming diversions and animation on itself is hard enough to do right. And please keep in mind this challenge is for fun and learning and there is no price to win.

I must agree with Animaticoin, a new mesh would be very helpful…Pantin is good but time for renewal. I would vote YES for a new Rig.:smiley:

Congratulations revolt_randy for winning this round. I’ll get in contact with you about a new scene.

@All: I’m all for a new rig but just saying “YES I’m for a new rig” is not gonna cut it. Somebody must provide a new rig which the winner or me (if the winner doesn’t want to provide a new scene) can put up.
I do not have the time (nor do I think I have enough skills) to provide a good rig for animation but I will put up any scene or rig the winner or the community proposes. So community it is up to you to provide a rig for the contest.

well…I am wiling to create a new MESH and RIG it. However what I wish is people to submit their sketches of what they want to see. Otherwise it would be just another random shot to see if the community likes it? All together…same ideas…rig review by others…Mesh reviewed by others…so we can all agreed. May be not for the next BAC but we could keep it standby for the future. I know the winner chooses what rig to use…but eventually with the rig already designed is at least one step forward. :smiley:

Maybe For the future as you say it, we can design character for us by us. But I’ll would mention that there’s already mesh available on internet that we could use as a basis to rig. Let’s say the well known Mom that’s free for use.