BAC: "My Desk" - Feedback, WIP, Inspiration and more!

Original Thread:

Hello Blenderartists! Lets open up a platform for people to discuss, share ideas, gather feedback, and share WIPs!
Hoping people find themselves inspired to participate, remember we’re all here to learn and have fun, dont feel intimidated, beginners and experts alike! Hop onboard!!

For rules, and prices, please visit the thread linked at the top of the thread! :slight_smile:


Ill kick it off with my own progress so far

The idea is to build my room, with all the stuff thats in it, but at a quarter the space.

Its just blocked out atm, intending to add a ton of stuff, just completely overwhelm the room with dishes, cloths, items, and anything else i can find laying around.

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I’m 13. I want to enter this submission for this challenge (my desk), but I do not know where to submit.


Thats really good for being so young! keep at it, you got until April 24th, you submit by uploading it to Sketchfab. Send me a DM on BA at around april 20th and i’ll help you export it to sketchfab. Until then, keep adding stuff!

One thing you could work on, add something used as a unit of scale. For instance, tell yourself that a cube is the size of an A4 paper, and measure the items so they all have correct relative scales, i can tell that quite a few of those objects seem a bit out of touch due to the scale being all over the place.

My entry suffers from the same, they’re all placeholders, i intend to go through and use real world scales when i remodel everything :slight_smile:




Thank you!

Keyboard remade

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WIP, some kinda futuristic desk I guess (since the present mine isn’t too fancy, lol).

Might not add too many stuffs as still have to tidy up the mesh (read: mess), bake textures, etc., also because doing another challenges at the same time.


I haven’t started yet. I will definitely soon, though.

My idea is to not model what my desk is now (it isn’t interesting enough), but instead have a go at making a fictional version. I am going to try and make a sci-fi room with lots of tech and all sorts of equipment.
I will post pictures of the progress once it gets started.

Hi! real quick question: Does the model need to be one singlar object or can it be multiple? (do I have to join them). Also, are we uploading an obj. file or a .blend file (object or whole scene) I’m just kind of new to this stuff.

And also, how do we package our textures/ materials. Do you leave any modifiers on (Array, Subsurf, ect.)?

I believe modifiers has to be applied before exporting, but that is something you can specify in the export settings, so you dont actually have to apply them within blender, its done for you during the exporting process.

Regarding one, or multiple objects - it does not matter. Use a system that works for you. I dont know if OBJ supports multiple objects, but even then, worst case scenario is it’ll merge it for you, so again it doesnt matter.

Im fairly certain FBX files do support it, however.

In regards to the materials and textures, that will also be sorted for you. Materials is a part of the export data, and if you want to use a texture, then you just wack it back onto the model in sketchfab, and it’ll take the UV coordinates of said object and reapply the texture correctly, automatically.

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Okay, thank you.

Here is how my entry is going:

Rendered in Eevee.

My plan is to make the room as I normally would, all walls, ceiling and floor as a complete room. This would be so I can make other shots of it beyond the entry for this challenge.
For the Sketchfab entry, I would remove the wall (behind the camera), the ceiling, and a little bit of the wall to the right, so it is open to viewing.

I haven’t used Sketchfab before. In fact, I got an account just 3 days ago so I haven’t tested everything out. Because of this, I have a couple of questions about it related to this challenge:

  • I am using Eevee to set up materials and lighting but I am not sure how it will turn out in Sketchfab. I do not know if it would look correct, especially with the use of principled shaders. Is there any thing I need to know about how I should go about it? Are principled shaders the right way to go, and if things need to be fixed, does Sketchfab allow for such changes in it (e.g. lighting strength, environment lighting and background)
  • What type of upload do I use? I don’t want it to be downloadable, which leaves me with two options, public (uses 1 credit) or private. As the rules state for posting of a URL, does private work fine, or is public required for it to be seen?

Looks good!

I recommend you use the Sketchfab Blender importer/exporter add-on to upload your work - it will pack everything you need and upload it. The principled shader should work, but don’t plug too complicated node graphs into its different inputs:

  • a simple factor or color mix is ok
  • image textures directly connected are ok
  • but we won’t bake a node setup based on a colorramp mixing textures into the basecolor input for instance.

On a free account you can’t use private models. Perhaps you mean drafts? Those can’t enter, sorry. But even with one credit you’ll be fine - you can use our ‘reupload’ function to upload your model as many times as you need and it will still count as one credit. Alternatively, you can delete the model to regain your credit, and then use that to upload a new model.

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I meant drafts, forgot that there was a difference.

That clears everything up - I wasn’t doing any crazy node setups so I should be fine, even without baking anything.

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Hi everyone! I’ve been working on this over the past few days and I have a concern. I’m using cycles, mainly because I am using emission shaders, and I’m wondering if it will look okay after exporting to sketchfab?

Should be fine if you bake emission texture maps and upload those to Sketchfab.

Hi guys! I’m pretty much done but can’t upload due to the “Error 20”. By the way, i’m uploading with the importer. The web site tells me to try another time. Do i have to bake anything first? What’s the issue?

Pure. I saw the challenge 2 days ago but i m afraid that just now i realized what skecthfab is :frowning:. So i have 3 questions… Is a file with a lot of different objects, 'appropriate.?Is it a problem if the result is more realistic? And last i have picked some images from random places on the web, a few they are, and i dont have permissions to use them. The books for example are from 3 images. From the other hand the gay how upload that pictures doesn’t have permissions from the authors obviously.
Sorry for the long post but i dont have experience in that stuff i usually make stuff for my pleasure (and yours :wink: ) Thx