Bachelor of Fine Arts?

Wow, it’s been quite awhile since I last came here…

Anyway, I’ll be starting school soon and am unsure about what exactly my goal should be. I know that I want a BFA degree, but I’m not entirely sure what kind I should get. I would like a career as a 3D modeler for a video game company. I’ve already read many things and articles which point me away from getting a degree in gaming because the companies will only be searching for if you could do art and could care less about whether or not you could do other stuff. I also know that most companies only really care about how good the portfolio is. I’d still rather go to school anyway, though, for the bonus points and just in case I try to apply for a company that does require the bachelors degree. XD
What are your suggestions? I’m not entirely sure what a Degree in Multimedia is either…

Sorry if I take awhile to reply, by the way. I’m on my 3DS at the moment.:stuck_out_tongue:

A degree in art would be a great thing to have, no matter which field (multimedia, game company, etc.) you decide to pursue. If the school is worth their salt, they will teach you how to think like an artist and apply proper design techniques, which is a valuable thing. I’ve seen people who started out as engineers and switched to graphic artists – and they have no clue about color theory or proper visual flow. You’re lucky in that you have wonderful tools today, like Blender, that you can use along with an art degree to go whichever direction you want. Companies can easily spot someone who has an eye for what makes great art versus someone who just has great knowledge of the tools. There’s a big difference there.

Everyone makes something with media and art - there are too many of us and many just do their work for free or a very low price and ruin the whole industry

why not become a freelancer?

Depends if you want to be a jack of all trades or specialize in one specific area of the industry. Personally if it’s available to you I would
go for a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design. This would mean the the majority of your classes would be art but you would still have
some classes based in 3d, photo editing, and all around multimedia.

@Safetyman Couldn’t have said it better myself. :slight_smile:

If you want to work in the game industry, work on a mod as well.

Nothing wrong with a degree. Graphic design, multimedia, applied arts, visual communication – its all good. There are hundreds of areas where they can be applied. Flexibility is key when it comes to a degree.

Whatever you do, don’t do as I did. My degree is in Fine Arts and all I ever hear now is, “I’ll never hire a Fine Artist in a Graphic Artist’s field.” ~bummer~ perhaps I should have finished my Commercial Arts degree instead.

Anyway, have at least drawing as many of your electives as you can. And, whether you’re fond of the idea or not, modeling is an art. Actually all of 3d is an art, a creative field. Set a good creative foundation!

Why not major in Physics? You will get a solid foundation in Computer Science (you’ll use math and computer skills to solve problems), Optics (you’ll actually understand color theory and interaction of light with matter in addition to “eyeballing it” as an artist does), and Mechanics is a great place to start for getting a grip on motion in animation.

You can learn most majors with little more than $1.50 in late fees at the local library, but engineering or physics is easier with the help of professors. Might as well get your money’s worth if you are gonna pay for a degree.

I would recommend looking at a BA instead of a BFA. A good BA, tend to have more General education, which will give you a broader background. When it comes to art, knowing more about the world is more important than learning about a particular technique.

Thank you all for the great advice! Sorry for taking so long to reply, by the way…
So far, I’m leaning towards the degree in multimedia or the one in graphic design.:slight_smile: Of course, for now, these choices won’t matter too much, since I’m just taking general-ed classes (English, Trigonometry, and Japanese) to complete my A-G requirements. Wait, was that the one to graduate high school, or was that the GED…? I’m confusing myself. Also, I’m going to a community college first, then transfer to a four-year university (it’s much cheaper this way).
Again, thank you all for the help. It gave me much more to think about.:smiley: