Back Again with a need for some more help :D

Well I am back again and want to know how to make some lakes and what-knot for my planet. Would I use blender? or would I use the GIMP? or something else? :smiley:



How far away are you going to be looking at the planet, will it be a close up or from a distance?
This link might shed some light on different ways of doing it.

If it’s from a far though, just doing a mat in GIMP would work just fine, if your going to be close a nor/disp map with a small value might be better to give is a bit of texture.

Hope that helps.

you could UV map your sphere and use a bump map for bringing out the land.

find an image from an atlas or something and recreate it so you can wrap it. that will give you your colours, then you can create a bump map using a black and white version…as a rough start.

As Khnum said, that depends on what you want to do with your planet.

For a relativ far away view you can get away with photoshop or gimp. You can find a easy to follow tutorial with excellent results here: