back alley

this is a back alley behind a night club it´s for a larger project i´m working on, tell me what you think

The lamp doesn’t look right but it’s good otherwise.

on the upper beam of wood over the door (don’t have a clue what it’s called in english…!) the texture of the wood turn the wrong way =) should be horisontal, else it won’t hold a damn thing… :wink:

Looks great…! i especially like the brick-wall…

It looks pretty good. I like the scene. Perhaps a little too much reliance on texture for detail and not enough brushwork, but it’s a nice scene.

Your textures look sort of blurry - especially the rusty dumpster. Maybe you need to decrease your texture filtering setting? Or else turn off Mip Mapping & Interpol.

I like your scene, it’s got good atmosphere!

That’s a transom. I just learned that in class three days ago…

Nice bricks, and nice oil drum!

There seems to be way too much ambient light on the brick wall, much more than what is on the ground in front of it. The lamp appears to have a bulb glow hanging down from it but the bulb itself can’t be seen. The top of the door seems to have a shadow cast from the lampshade but because of the postition of the bulb glow the shadow should be cast upwards (there should be a very dark shadow of the lampshade here on the wall). Last critique on light…the doorknob, the cigarette butts on the ground and the drink can on top of the 40 gallon drum should also be casting shadows. The posters on the wall have the same mortar line texture as the wall itself, looking like they are painted onto the wall. Perhaps a torn off corner on one of the posters would also be in order. I hate to be so critical but these things just seem to jump out. The whole concept, though, is great. I tend to like dark and dreary things and a back alley setting is not an easy thing to do. With a little tweaking this can turn into a really great scene. Keep it up.

Thanks for all the good comments and crits i made some lighting changes and added some detail i think it looks a lot more spookie and i like that

Much improved.


Yeah, it looks better. THe only thing I can think of to suggest is making a normal map for the bricks, or if they already have one increasing the value slightly.

Looking much better. The green cast gives it an erie feel.

It’s a door lintel where i come from :wink:

About the Ground : Reduce the bump map and add some dust and papers. It looks like somebody washed it this afternoon and that only one guy came there to smoke and take one beer.

Another thing: the joint between the ground and the wall is too clean. It shouldn’t be that perfect. There should be dust in that part, old papers, … Some guys comes there to pee, vomit and so on, don’t forget it.

So event if the scene is way too clean, i like it !


Grunge it up a bit. I’d recommend taking the textures into Pshop and adding some grungy layers, like weathered stains, etc. – streaks that run down the sides of the dumpster and the metal barrel, and much more wear and tear on the ground (dried beverage stains, cigarette burns, etc.). Little touches like that really add a whole sense of depth and age to a scene. Not too fond of the green light, myself, but if you like it, keep it…

Otherwise, on the right track here – very cool set-up!

one crit: This is just my opinion, but those sacks make it look like a videogame, like morrowind or something; everyone has these random sacks and crates laying around everywhere
I would make them look more like a trashbag, maybe shiny black or shiny white. Or you could just leave them :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice scene so far, but I have to agree the wall is much too clean… ground too for that matter. Maybe use some of the weathering techniques as described on this link in the blenderwiki…

Nice nice, I especially like the second lighting choice. My big crit is that the top of the dumpster doesn’t look like it fits with the rest. Its way rustier and doesn’t look like the same material as the rest of the dumpster. Maybe you were intending that, but right now the dumpster top pulls all my attention that way. It could be thats what you wanted, but it makes the dumpster top central (the way I look at things anyways). The modelling/texturing is fantastic though, and I’m very impressed by the quality of your work. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this in the future. Blend on!!1

XrQLz :wink: