Back face cull or transparent materials?

hey blender peeps! :smiley:

got a snag been modelling again :smiley: cars in particular problem is done the basic shape now time for details but one cant see the reference image unless in wire view but in wire view its selects the rear edges and is sometimes hard to work with is there anyway of bringing my reference images too the front or making the normal working material transparent in the viewport??? any ideas ???

thanks in advance


You can turn on transparency for the material in the 3D View you are using on the car. Ignore the yellow thing (copied it of the wiki) it is the Transp button.
But be sure to lower the alpha on the material or else it will be totally opaque.


It looks as if you are using an image on a plane as opposed to a background image. If you were to use a background image - bottom left of the 3D window, click on view…background image…use background image. In the panel, there is a blend slider that lets you control the transparency of the background image.

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No it is an background image just had the blend turned off cheers though

got it now thanks Musk much appreciated

ops not quite does it do it in edit mode cause having in it in object mode is a bit pointless?