Back from beyond

WOW, have i been missing alot! Blender has come a looooooong way!
i should be up and running again soon,its great to see all the fantastic art
work,rixtr is back!! after a long…er…vacation,yeah thats it… vacation!

WOW!!! It’s been ages since I last saw you here. Welcome back!!

WOW!! I’ve been watching this forum for months now, and I have no idea who both you guys are!

Welcome back, I guess. :slight_smile:

Hey hey!

It’s been a while.
Good to see you back. :slight_smile:


/me awaits shiny car images :slight_smile:

welcome back!


You never flamed me. And you never gave me praise.

Thus I don’t remember you (well vaguely I suppose). Regardless welcome back.

Now we need the other guy (the one who was also posting cars and we thought was rixtr66 [but it later turned out to be blengine]). I forgot the nickname :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi rixtr66 !

and welcome back!

Masta ? :wink:

heheh, that was blengine in combination with bg3d :slight_smile:

hehheh… welcome back!
I guess what, I have a request for you. an old picture of yours.


  this entry is pure blender all modelled this weekend,it obviously lacks some details,but im a slow modeller,the water was done in psp.
  this guy is running out of air icon_eek.gif
  its been interesting trying to get something good in a short amount of time
  very difficult.but fun 

still have it?


Good to here from you again, rixtr66.
Whatcha been up to?

Welcome back, Don’t know you, but hell yeah we welcome veryone.

I’m JD, nice to meet you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Masta ? ;)[/quote]

Masta! That’s it! You have good memory, old timer :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember blengine wanting to leave the Blender community after revealing that he and bg3d were Masta (good thing we didn’t let him!).

Man, I have been wondering where the hell you have been. Glad to see you poking your head back here.

Hope to see some work from you in the very, and I mean very, near future. :wink: