back from hibernation

im back after a longgg break from doing games. See a lot of new ppl around here, and some other ppl seem to have left too :frowning:
has anyone heard from blengine?

blengine hasn’t posted since jan 4

:stuck_out_tongue: Lol, maybe Blengine is still in hibernation. Welcome back Blender_Owl.

Jason Lin

Welcome back :smiley: Don’t remember you but Hi anyway.

Glad to see you again Blender_owl :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Blender_owl, great to hear again from you :stuck_out_tongue:

hi. youre back. :smiley:

so i hear the engine is back, anyone played around with the recent builds?

Welcome back Blender_owl! :smiley:

Happy to see you on the boards again Blender_Owl