Back from the Dead - Craptacular Lamp

Some of you MAY remember this, it rotted in the WIP forum for a LONG time and was my first real project. I decided I’d post it here, as it has never been among its finished peers. I tweaked some of the textures a bit, added some raytracing, and a motion blur to fix the jags, but that’s about it.

Comments aren’t necessary, so if you don’t want to, don’t say anything.

And don’t make fun of my table!

Nice shadows. Scale is a little off though, I think the lamp should be bigger. Also the texture on the table should be smaller.

Now that you have raytracing, you don’t have to have a spotlight. Just a regular “Lamp” is fine. I don’t like the halo under the light, and I think it would look a lot more real if you made it really transparent.

  • Sharp

Yeah, I noticed that, but what if those are some oversized novalty pencil crayons? …On an oversized texture, novalty table?


its really good, you should put it on cgtalk to promote blender :o

couple of things 1 put some kind of bump map on the rubber, the lamp needs a light on it so it will cast a shadow it looks like its been supoer imposed, and i agree about making the table tex smaller

I would, but I’m not working on it anymore.