Back in 2.79 - In the VSE - which renderer is/was preferred?

I asked this in another group (Basics and Interface) but got no responses…

I never really thought of this before. Have always used Internal.

And, how about 2.8x?

Depends, I suppose. I’d never really thought about it either…

If you’re not dealing with Scenes and strictly image sequences/video in VSE, I would think it just doesn’t matter. Using Cycles with a medium-to-high resolution is always going to add unnecessarily to your render time. I used to render certain things like that in the VSE in 2.7x with Cycles set sometimes at one sample. I never tried it with the Blender Render engine just because I was never comfortable with it (go figure).

These days when in situations as described above, I just go EEVEE, 16 samples, not for any reason in particular other than going any higher doesn’t seems to give better results. I probably could even go lower.

Again, strictly sequences in the VSE, you probably could even render using the Workbench engine (although I’ve never tried it).

Thanks so much for the reply.

I use Blender for relatively simple animations, and have always used Blender Render - just haven’t needed the awesome powers of Cycles.

I’m still experimenting with 2.8x, but haven’t produced anything that uses it - yet.

Thanks again.