Back in the game need help lots of questions

I see the game physics work great again! Sweet! … Now for some testing… And I see glsl is not just coming but is in! Just need to figure out how to compile it :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ways questions…

Lets try one, I want to say setup a stack of boxes or a broken bottle in peices, I want it to start in the game um moveing , then inside behide the circle of boxes peices I want to put a mesh that on key press expands to destory the stack and have it go flying! … Any ways I got the box to expand at power of keypress… And I got the boxes to move but I still cant ghet them to stay still untill I need them to move…

I am thinking that I could change them on key press and size of expansion mesh but is that just a trick or am I missing something ??

Second thing… Is this a bug ? I make an animation on a mesh and make it an actor dynamic and hit play press the key do run it’s ipo quit game and poof ipo is GONE… :< bug or something weird ??

First thing: would a size IPO work for that?
Second thing: Make sure you aren’t recording physics to IPO because that might delete your current IPO. I’m not sure if the IPO is actually deleted; the datablock might still be there so you can switch the object back to its original IPO.

It was a size ipo, what about the stand still feature ??