Back in the Kitchen

Working title. I promise. Any & all crits welcome. More images to follow.
This will be my first full scale arch-viz piece. Right now just working on getting the layout and objects right, the materials and lighting are all placeholders at the moment, and will be heavily worked on.
After doing research I concluded that most kitchens are defined by the cooking objects they have (pots, spatulas, knives, etc) and the level of organization with cabinets and such. I can hardly cook, but its cool to think about how it is the most organized room in the house, since we take nomming so seriously.
Thanks for checking it out!

Current Progress:

Initial Blocking Stage:

Did more work on the modeling of the environment, almost finished with that stage. After I’ll set up the final lighting, make the various little kitchen objects and finish with materials and textures. Hope yall like it! Happy Holidays!

Looks great! I especially like the detail you’ve put into the stove and facet. Only thing I would mention is the spacing between the cabinet doors. If you’re going for a vintage look, they’re absolutely fine, but for reference most cabinets have between an 1/8" and 3/16" spacing between doors/drawers. I’m a carpenter by trade, so I tend to notice things like that. Overall, this is awesome, looking forward to seeing the final thing! Cheers

Thanks for the feedback! And I appreciate you catching that detail, it certainly would have eluded me but looking at it, it did seem a bit off. I’m not sure I did what you suggested, but here I’ve adjusted the spacing with the drawers & cabinets on the bottom, as well as the spacing of the cabinets on top too. Thanks for the help

Progress, slowly but surely. I made a longggg list of tweaks to work on, but here we are.

Also, question folks, how I update the preview image in the WIP list?

Looking pretty good!

In order to change the thumbnail on the WIP page, you need to click “Edit Post” on the first post, and then click “Go Advanced”. Near the bottom of the page, you click “Manage Attachments”. You need to remove all the attachments in the first post (I would post a link to them instead), and then add only 1 attachment. This will be the new thumbnail. I hope this makes sense!

This is where we’re at currently. Started playing with the compositor a bit, because the marble countertops have SSS and raise hell with the GPU. Question to the blenderheads, how to I get shadows to show up from different Render Layers? As in, the countertop, ceramic cup, and curtain are on one layer and every thing else is on another, but I need the shadows to cross over. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

:slight_smile: wow
very very nice man (Y)

I think we’re just about there. I can easily see about a dozen things to tweak, but its time to let go i think. Any last tweaks are apprciated.

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