Back inside (Series 3)


Here is the third and probably last series of my “Back inside” project. I added the bath room, so this post is dedicated to this room. I whould like to post some of the images from this project on CGTALK and I will probably start a poll to let you choose which images to publish, I’ll come later on with that.

Modelled with Blender
Rendered with Indigo 1.09
Some postpro with Neatimage and Gimp
Rendering time varies from about 20h for images lit with sun light to about 40h for images lit with mesh lights on a core 2 duo 3.2 Gh.

Comments are of course welcome

stunning as usual, though they lack the resolution you normally have on your images…why?

Wow, enrico, another fine set of images. Astounding. I love the floor and the water on the tub a lot! Nice work! Very inspiring! :slight_smile:

Very nice (as usual). My only crit is that the tub looks to thin on the last image.

dude, I wish I had your skills. You’re a complete wizard at positioning the camera. awesome.

Wow great job liek always! Love this whole Back Inside series! Looks awesome!

yeah that bathtub looks mighty thin. But, still really good :smiley:

Thanks for your comments,

Yep bathtub is thin and it was thicker at first but I thought that a thinner one was better to keep a light scene.

The resolution is higher but I reduced it for the publication, portrait format images are in 900x1200, square images are in 1024x1024 or 1200x1200.

The floor is made with a tile texture I got on a 3D TotalTexture CD, what makes the difference is just the fact that it is supplied with bump and spec maps. Spec map really improves the result when light is reflected.

Another photoreal room, you’re hooked on Indigo aren’t you?

Thanks Cyborg Dragon,

I’m not exactely hooked on indigo, if you have seen my past works, I’m experiencing the various renderers available for Blender, BI, Yafray, Yaf(a)ray and now Indigo. The photorealistic results I get with Indigo are indeed fascinating and from this point of view, it is the one providing the best results. I think that each renderer has its purpose and depending of the result you would like to achieve, one may be more suitable then another. For now, I’m much more concerned by photoreal results. I’m more and more appealed by animation and imo BI is the best choice as it has a great image quality/render time ratio.

You know what… they look beautiful, but why the crappy camera angles? Personally I’m a little bit tired of screwy camera work… just straight horizontal/vertical works quite nice really (feel free to disagree completely).

But as I said… beautiful work.

Enrico, is the elongated black plastic item in the glass shelves what I think it is?

@macouno: Yep, now that I look at all the images together I must admit that there are too many tilted views.

@BbB: I didn’t understood immediately what you were talking about :confused:, so I scrolled back to the image and I had to laugh for about 5 min :D. So it’s just a vase and not what I think you are thinking about ;). Does anybody else see something else then a vase ? Of course I mean a rocket or a candle or an hair dryer or … what else ?

wht else, i am not commenting on. :wink: superb work, that’s something which is hardly a comment…good work. keep it up!

aww… the angles were great. Most people ignore the camera. Enrico seems to consider everything :wink:

lol, I gotta say I did not notice the elongated… thing… at first :D. Now I can’t think of it any other way :confused: