[Back Me Up] The Ultimate Save Manager πŸ‘ RELEASED!

Its update time !

V5 have:

  • a precise feedback of the Auto-save/copy timer
  • an auto version changer, if the input name is the same as the .blend, the version will update automatically when clicking on the β€œquick save as” arrow

i hope the gif is clear, im doing multiple actions fast

tomorrow i’ll verify if the auto loop are still active after updating to a new file name, seem weird to me… hmmm


Wow I found that it has already export Selected Objects.

If you have like this kitbash, probably you have requirement for export selected objects.

Blender is too slow for openning this kitbash 216MB file. In C4D fast.

yes that was what i used in the script. but no options to save every asset individually to fbx.
by the way https://devtalk.blender.org/t/fast-import-and-export/7343

i agree, they must solve performance issue

BACK ME UP V6 is here

  • added a quick save enable/disable
  • added a better ui and accessibility for the Quick save version, its now really easy to switch to the next version, almost instantly
  • added 3 timing
    • timer from last save
    • timer from last copy
    • timer of the work session, so you can make some pauses sometimes :wink: no more saying im staying behind blender for four hours witouth noticing, like i just did
  • added a quick access shortcut system
    • CTRL SS = quick save
    • CTRL SC = quick copy
    • CTRL SV = quick version change
    • …ect, you get it. ITS UBER FAST, and if you prefer the old ctrl s, or don’t like pies, well, you have the choixe :slight_smile:
  • lot of polishing

note, always do thoses update so laaate. so please don’t cringe if you see some horrible grammar ^^
any feedback? i don’t even know if it work on mac or linux, i heavely use import os

pssssst, the addon will soon be paid, i suggest you pay a close attension to this topic

to do list:

  • repair render slot save
  • try to do this god damn auto message pop up system when in an auto loop
  • pop up on reload
  • pop up if chosen name is already there for no erase by mistake ? can i even do this?
  • the export context menu for TEXT and VIEW3D will be GREATLY improve, and uber fast to work with
    • export directly selection to folder, no extra step, by bash or selection, depending on a custom pref menu
  • a new banner/warning system, if you didnt save for XX minutes, a banner will pop, β€œdo you want to save? save as copy? ect”
  • still need to hide collection on creation, and put the new view layer system first
  • context save as copy on text reset the cursor to the end, so annoying!!!
  • quick folder opening for custom folder emplacement, as fast as possible
  • save selection to a new .blend by itself and link it to the actual blend

Back me up V7 is here and it bring cool features ! really cool features!

  • launch custom determined folder in an instant
    • either click on the icon folder and click again on your folder of choice
    • or use the shortcut [CTRL S] + F + F for example to directly go to your master blend folder
    • you can customize the name and the path of your folder in the addon pref panel !
  • launch custom webpage in an instant
    • same as the above menu, access it either by clicking on the icon
    • or hit [CTRL S] + I + I and you will go to a nice page that you need to follow (please ;-)?)
    • again, customize your webpages url in the pref panel
  • new items in the up menu:
    • quick launch user prep with t [CTRL S] + U
    • quick launch a new window with [CTRL S] + W
    • quick do a screenshot with [CTRL S] + Q
    • the link icon is on work, it will save your selection in another .blend and link it

so basically i needed an operator for launching the user to the my future product page with guides/support, i aslo created an operator that launch the user directly to the master folder… that was really handy so i made some advance functionalities out of it.
im trying to not go out of the saving subject for now.

Please tell me if you want more folder/web emplacement, we could go to 10 if its getting popular.
also, i still don’t know if it work on mac or not

have a nice evening !
i still need to work on this quick render slot save by the way


Lord this is good :slight_smile: And blazing dev speed!

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I got addicted

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I think that i’ll do a separate addon for launch custom website, same with folder, another for exe

The feature will be removed on V8
And I’ll release two separate addon for thoses features on this topic temporarily

when you forgot to turn auto-copy off :rofl:

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Fast quick export + custom batch config and path OK

selection to unique linked file + custom path OK

custom path everything OK

no more spoil
final release on the blender market soon, in less than a week i hope, users from the very beginning will have free access :see_no_evil:


Finally ,you add batch export …

Yes, because i played a bit with add-on preferences, i had to add this function, its too cool

I told you it’s cool . but place the N-shelf is quick .

and this also cool. I know one add-on can do , and send to SP, update texture live .

to export collection just select linked collection before using quick save as export

Jesus …

why did i decide to go with this automatic notification system, this will make everything more complicated, damn timer app that β€œcan’t access context”

god damn it

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:rofl: remind me windows error pop up song.

this was exactly that

remind me windows error pop up song.

This officially make it the best addon ever.

No More Blender, Only Messages #StillBetterThanMaya