[Back Me Up] The Ultimate Save Manager πŸ‘ RELEASED!

Lord this is good :slight_smile: And blazing dev speed!

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I got addicted

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I think that i’ll do a separate addon for launch custom website, same with folder, another for exe

The feature will be removed on V8
And I’ll release two separate addon for thoses features on this topic temporarily

when you forgot to turn auto-copy off :rofl:

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Fast quick export + custom batch config and path OK

selection to unique linked file + custom path OK

custom path everything OK

no more spoil
final release on the blender market soon, in less than a week i hope, users from the very beginning will have free access :see_no_evil:


Finally ,you add batch export …

Yes, because i played a bit with add-on preferences, i had to add this function, its too cool

I told you it’s cool . but place the N-shelf is quick .

and this also cool. I know one add-on can do , and send to SP, update texture live .

to export collection just select linked collection before using quick save as export

Jesus …

why did i decide to go with this automatic notification system, this will make everything more complicated, damn timer app that β€œcan’t access context”

god damn it

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:rofl: remind me windows error pop up song.

this was exactly that

remind me windows error pop up song.

This officially make it the best addon ever.

No More Blender, Only Messages #StillBetterThanMaya


the old custom launch website and folder from V7 update are now four separate addons, custom launch scripts, exe, folder and website with custom menus/pies

getting this menu working was such a pain in the ass
im so happy yet another killer feature

auto-copy and auto-save now send a notification when it saved, i figure it out how to override the timer app related bug

open folder directly after the export/prinstreen/link

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all path are now customizable

all of this in the last release

need to fix quick copy export text and export whole render slot and its ready to go

to work properly this add-on need a β€œfirst save” at the very beginning of your work, but its quite obvious you will get the message.


Looks great, canΒ΄t wait to give it a go when i come home from work :slight_smile:

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