Back on tracks

Hi blender community,

Just to say I’m back on Blender, after I took care of my new life in Paris.
Happy to see all the great improvements recently both on coding and artistic side. We have a hell of a community !
Thanks to everyone to have made Blender such a unique and powerfull tool.

I thought I would have time for many things, and didn’t had time for the things I was announcing last monthes yet, so I won’t say anyhting about my projects…just expect something HUGE :slight_smile:

good to be back

(BTW, I have a question for anyone in the animation section…), thanks

wb garbager!!!

yep, blender ha grown up… if you ever need help, well you know…

Now, time for you to get back to work!



Great to have you back around! :smiley:

be sure to connect to msn when you get some free time! :slight_smile:

Glad to see you back.