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(Chris Vian) #1


Hi everyone. This is my recent work for some modeling challenge on some facebook group.
The idea was from Looney Tunes.
It is Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny.
Rendered in Cycles.

I also made an article for the prosses of how I made this two bunnies Here.

(Michael W) #2

This is some nice work!

love the great colour choices and sophisticated clean look…

and by teh way modelling the rings is cool!

looking at your texture colour pass i wonder how you achieved teh rim lit look? it looks liek you’v e got it in the base colours… is it a facing ratio/fresnel trick?

(Chris Vian) #3

Dear Michael W. Yes I did some trick for some shader (old trick). Unfortunately Blender Cycles normal shader is kinda different from the internal render CMIIW. Anyway I have a screenshot for the shader. Hopefully u get the idea.


(joseperez) #4

fantasic render man, all components of your composition are good balanced, the cloth is outstanding!! I like a lot

5 stars

(MattDAndre) #5

Love this! Looney Toons never gets old :slight_smile: Amazing job on everything!

(Madrid82) #6

Beautiful scene with amazing colours. Good work!

(rombout) #7

I just saw this video about custom fresnel added as layer weight, you can achieve the same i believe. Textures react more velvet and cartoonish i think than.

(quollism) #8

Very nicely done. :slight_smile:

(johnnygibbs) #9

oh wow thats freakin good. Love the detail in the clothes and wrinkles!

(downfall61) #10

Awesome render. Brings back the memories. :slight_smile:

The detail on the clothing is indeed very nice!

(tyrant monkey) #11

Kick ass work man. You did fantastically well on this.

(Koumis) #12

The dress is disney!!

(Chris Vian) #13

Hei thanks guys. I’m so glad you guys like it.

Wow thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Hahah yea, similar Elsa dress from Frozen.

(blue box) #14

very nice!!!:yes:

(BTolputt) #15

Amazing work, mate. Love the clean Pixar-toon feel of the texture/shader combination.

(DavidChipman) #16

If Loony Toons were being made today… Love it!

(spanishrose) #17

This a fantastic work you have done.

(swamp-fish) #18

Really nice work, esapecially the colours, textures.

(RenderStreet) #19

Awesome work - the attitude, the details… I grew up with them, so this brings back nice memories :slight_smile:

(BeardedRaptor) #20

I like the clean way that the image looks. The lighting and background work is also really good. It definitely looks professional.