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Hi everyone. This is my recent work for some modeling challenge on some facebook group.
The idea was from Looney Tunes.
It is Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny.
Rendered in Cycles.

I also made an article for the prosses of how I made this two bunnies Here.

This is some nice work!

love the great colour choices and sophisticated clean look…

and by teh way modelling the rings is cool!

looking at your texture colour pass i wonder how you achieved teh rim lit look? it looks liek you’v e got it in the base colours… is it a facing ratio/fresnel trick?

Dear Michael W. Yes I did some trick for some shader (old trick). Unfortunately Blender Cycles normal shader is kinda different from the internal render CMIIW. Anyway I have a screenshot for the shader. Hopefully u get the idea.


fantasic render man, all components of your composition are good balanced, the cloth is outstanding!! I like a lot

5 stars

Love this! Looney Toons never gets old :slight_smile: Amazing job on everything!

Beautiful scene with amazing colours. Good work!

I just saw this video about custom fresnel added as layer weight, you can achieve the same i believe. Textures react more velvet and cartoonish i think than.

Very nicely done. :slight_smile:

oh wow thats freakin good. Love the detail in the clothes and wrinkles!

Awesome render. Brings back the memories. :slight_smile:

The detail on the clothing is indeed very nice!

Kick ass work man. You did fantastically well on this.

The dress is disney!!

Hei thanks guys. I’m so glad you guys like it.

Wow thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Hahah yea, similar Elsa dress from Frozen.

very nice!!!:yes:

Amazing work, mate. Love the clean Pixar-toon feel of the texture/shader combination.

If Loony Toons were being made today… Love it!

This a fantastic work you have done.

Really nice work, esapecially the colours, textures.

Awesome work - the attitude, the details… I grew up with them, so this brings back nice memories :slight_smile:

I like the clean way that the image looks. The lighting and background work is also really good. It definitely looks professional.