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amazing work!

If Who Framed Roger Rabbit? were ever done again in modern-day CG … and I am not suggesting that it ought to be … then this would be a fine frame from that show. You’ve done exceptional work in the framing and stage-lighting, as well as in the dress. It simply looks … professional. And the characters, as they should, exude personality.

It deserves a place at the BA immidiately! Great work, fine models and a very stylish, cartoonish shaders. Lovely piece, indeed, one of the finest rendered in Cycles I’ve ever seen. 5 stars from me, no doubt about it.

Very nice, soft and colorful.

It is so clean as Render! Amazing work! :smiley:

Lovely work!:yes:

Incredible works! :eek:
Five thumbs up!

Woaa thanks guys for the warm comments. Can’t believe that bunnies got placed on BA. Thanks again happy blending >_

Damn dude! That’s bad ass. I love it.

Totally reminds me of an old Bugs Bunny Cartoon where he shoots (and kills) a guy for interrupting his Piano performance

Great job man!

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wow, man , wow! not only pleasing to the eye, but the soul

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