Back to Nature - Cookie Robot Competition

Hello again! :slight_smile:

I had so much fun doing an image for the Blender Guru competition so I thought I would make one for Blender Cookie’s Robot competition as well. There is only 20 days until the deadline now, and I honestly have much less time this month than I did last. So I might not be able to finish it, but I will at least start and see what happens. I will hopefully learn a bit either way.

Day 1

The first blocking of the scene, testing the composition and the camera placement.
The image is of a cleaning robot who helps an old and sick man sneak back outside from a hospital in a big city one last time. Together they encounter a peaceful fox in the grass. Meanwhile the old man and the “malfunctioning” robot are being hunted down by personel from the “big brother state”.

I am thinking about using a “friendlier” animal to bring more peace to the moment. A fox eats animals after all. But I like it’s shape and colors.

I think the composition works okay right now, but I am thinking about showing more of the dark city in the background. Perhaps not it enough is shown to get a big enough contrast. But at the same time, I want it to be really peaceful, so I want a lot of green

High Quality: