Back to school sale at Eat3D

Hi. I figured I’d post this here as it is not directly Blender news. Eat3D is having a back to school sale.

Anyone else know of any other CG resources having back to school sales? I was hoping Gnomon Workshop would.

This is basically spam.

Then it is fitting for the off-topic section. lol. I apologize if it is considered as such. Thought I might help others that wanted to know about a sale on 3D learning resources on a 3D related forum. Sorry.

Oh oops! I generally relate “back to school sale” with clothing sales! Sorry on my part then.

No problem. I normally do too. I figured since art students are going back to school places that sell learning dvds and such would be having sales. So far Eat3D is the first one I’ve found. I may get the texturing dvds because I can apply that knowledge to Blender.

I can personally recommend the eat3d videos. good stuff

I ended up ordering the Next-Gen Texturing DVD and the Old Pillar one. The Old Pillar was free for buying the first one and I got 20% off. The subtotal was $125 and with all the discounts the total came to $48.

The deals also work if you buy the downloads as well - so I watched the Old Pillar one last night. He used Max and Mudbox but I was able to follow along and understand what he was doing and think the same results could be made in Blender. I just started the Texturing one and it seems like it will be even better then the pillar one.