Back To The Future: Marty Mcfly

Hey guys,

      Thought I would share my newest WIP, Marty Mcfly from Back To The Future. This is for a modeling challenge. I am using Blender for my basemesh, initial rough sculpt and retopology/UV unwrapping.

Hands are very rough/not really sculpted yet.

Latest update:


Having a little fun in Marmoset, showing off with a little color.

nice, he looks like hes glowing, like he has some sort of secret power in him.

Good likeness! It’s definitely Marty, even without the hair.

The head looks amazing! And the clothes are a great replica.

Thank you all! I worked on his shoes a bit. Shoes were done mostly in Blender, using curves for the laces. Shrinkwrap modifier to get the Nike logo to conform to the shoe.

Everything, including the clothing and head are still low subdivision. I will detail once I make a few props such a his watch and camcorder.

You really did nail the Michael J Fox likeness, awesome job.

I could tell your not finished with the clothes, but for not finished, the head looks amazing. I’m exited to see how it looks when it is finished, because it already looks great.

Thank you guys! I worked on his Casio Watch in blender. I think I will begin working on the final sculpt.

I retopologized the head in Blender and baked a normal map. Basic diffuse.

Maybe it’s just me… I’m not seeing Marty in the “colored” version, but I definitely see him in the clay version.

Just watched that earlier this week :smiley:

In renders he looks like some celestial being. :smiley:
Very good sculpting and great resemblance!

I don’t know who Marty McFly is, but it looks great nevertheless! :smiley: