Back to the Surface

A Megaman Zero / Mario type 2D sidescroller, I started on it on the 2nd but forgot to post a thread in the WIP, :o So here’s some of my current WIP.

Using my profile picture as a playable character as you can see, minus the cape and crown. :stuck_out_tongue:

the paralax scrolling gives an extra point. thumbs up!

That was awesome. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, :slight_smile:
Finishing level planning and I’ve completed all the assets, it will be done soon! :smiley:

Well I got a little too ambitious with the project, and it won’t be done in time for the Bgmc1. :frowning: But nevertheless I will finish it, and post it in finished games when I’m done.

Sad news. It looks great by the way.