Back-Vert Culling?

At my job, I’m doing an increasing amount of retopo work. So, naturally, I’ve been trying to streamline my workflow and figure out how to most easily work on meshes of varying complexity. Currently, I’m toggling the X-Ray display property on the working mesh while snapping so I can keep a clear view of my loops and modeling. Backface Culling really helps me out when I’m working around the entire mesh, but it can still get messy if a great deal of verts/edges are directly behind the area I’m working on.

So my question: has Blender ever implemented Back-Vert Culling? Are there any addons or branches which utilize this feature? I know it can be helpful when I’m having to work in Max.

Any guidance would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Older Blender builds has support for backface culling. Seems to have been removed from the newer versions though.

Blender 2.69 hidden wire option

Of course it would be in the release candidate, pushed today! Silly me ;D

Thank you, Richard. You are amazing, as always.