back view?

How could you have num 9 go to a back view? Blender lacks a back view and num9 sits there empty while num7,1,3 all have views linked to them.

press Shift + 7,1, or 3 to get the opposite views of those views. :slight_smile:

(whoops knellotron beat me :wink: )

the blender manual tells us:

num7 - top
num1 - front
num3 - right


shift + num7 - bottom
shift + num1 - back
shift + num3 - left

so shift + num1 would be your call. :slight_smile:

it’s not shift, it’s ctrl. :wink:

Thanks :D!

both shift and ctrl work here :stuck_out_tongue:

but then again… i cant tell what i hacked in my blender and what’s original still… perhaps i should refrain from ‘helping’ other people under these circumstances :wink:


Please use the support forums.