Back... with another warplane

(VanPelt) #1

After the No-NaN shock, I finally took over my never-reaching-final-stage projects; This time it’s a FIAT CR32 warplane, ready (i think) for texture mapping:

And there is also a rather small update of my Super Etendard, with added Exocet missile and squadron insignia:

As always, comments are very welcome.


(SKPjason) #2

Oh, man… these are so good…

The Super Etendard is just about the best plane model I’ve seen in a while… I’m going crazy thinking of what it’d look like in an animation… it’s so realistic, so sleek… a bad MF… Very good job with the texturing… the insignias and such are very well placed… I swear I’m looking at a real-life still photo…

Very good work.


(S68) #3

Really good, both the Super Etendard and the FIAT. I can’t wait to see the latter finished :slight_smile:


(Cativo) #4

Looking good. Good job with the textures. One thing you may wanna add is the seat and a pilot, for both planes.

(malefico) #5

Hey, the new plane looks terrific, I really like it !

The Etendard looks good too but you might want to “smooth” the texture with the bumpmap, it’s too strong… maybe low the Nor could help. Just my opinion anyway.



(Nayman) #6

iagree with the nor being too strong… and really, entards serve on aircraft carriers… the sea salt and the sun do a lot of subtle damage to the paint. lots of grime builds up from jet fuel, and sea spray… paint chips, and panel lines darken… revise the terxture map, and add soem rivits, sruprisingly prevelant o nthe entard…

great though

(harkyman) #7

Nice model of the Fiat. Now let us see it textured and flying under a fakeGI sphere! Motion blur and depth-of-field with it blowing past the camera!

I like the jet as well, but I agree with the previous posters… it needs both surface detail and grime.

(valarking) #8

very very nice. i look forward to seeing it textured.

(VanPelt) #9

Thank you fellows for the compliments and suggestions. These planes are now going to the (texture) paint shop :slight_smile: … I hope to have them back around here soon.