Back with some new works,looking for critique

Hey all
its been about ayear or so scince ive been on this forum but i wanted to get om critiqe on a pic im working on in gimp :cool:

Please keep in mind that this is till in progress

this is my first gimp pic[ATTACH]94780[/ATTACH]:no:

and this is todays :eyebrowlift2:

please comment and critiuqe[ATTACH]94781[/ATTACH]

btw this was of course all done with

Those are very depressing, emo/goth/whatever pictures: I’m not sure drawing with a tablet rather than a mouse would help them the least. I do like the background in the second one, though.

In any case, vectors may help you in the absence of tablets. I do own a tablet but went mouse-only once more for my Flora post somewhere below. Love the challenge… :slight_smile:

happy 365 posts…!

very interesting style, and i agree about vectors being easier to use with a mouse.

not that those…things…lend themselves to a vector style.

Hey its just my style :o
whats wrong with my art just because its not all sunshine and sprinkles?

hey thanks a years worth of posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t have to be about sunshine or butterflies, but open sores and deformed flesh is not art, just puke-inducing sick content.

Take a chillpill namekuseijin, if this is how klorine expresses herself, then it’s art imho, even though some people might disagree. Puke-inducing sick content … bit harsh aren’t we?

Anyway on topic: I really think drawing books like fun with a pencil by andrew loomis will help you develop more of your drawing techniques, so I really recommend reading that one (and other books by andrew loomis, there are some awesome books out there). I do like the fact that you’re using more colours :slight_smile: Drawing overall looks cleaner than a year ago, so keep it up, and looking forward to see what you can do in another year :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a very very very undeveloped drawing skill , but you can improve. Take Month advice.

Her art doesn’t have to have perfect anatomy and proportions.
Obviously that not what she’s trying to do.
There doesn’t seem like a lot of change from your first picture.
Just that you used colour.
I’m Interested to see where you go with it,
The black cloud in the background looks like a leaping dog.
And theres still space to add stuff.

All the best.


im l barley 13…not to use that as a defense, but i havent used gimp for over a year even. IMHO i think im doing all right for where i am right now

some more



Not yet finished with the second one

If your that age the best advice I say is,
Keep a level head when someone’s crtiqueing you.
Don’t freak out, and make excuses.
Just see what they have to say, decide if what their saying could help you.
And next time try to follow it.
And keep practicing.
Some tip on the characters is mix them up more, the green colour shirt guys would easily confuse people.


another unfinished face

great artwork :yes: it has a very neat style… good luck with it :D:D:D

I recommend that you move away from digital and work with a regular art pencil and sketchbook until you master those. Then, you’ll be ready to work with pixels.

  • nXain

i have actually considered this,but seeing as ive done lots of pencil art, i took an intrest in digital art, ithink ll stick with this :slight_smile: i like it alot better
anyway heres a pecil drawingg i used a web cam for the image so it might not be s[ATTACH]95848[/ATTACH]uper clear

i liek this a little better than the last one
softer style i think

a black and white

and some enviorments too, Thier not so good, seeing a ive never done any before


tride out clothes on this one, im not done adding the wrinkles thouh, just a basic out line

see? Much better with no open sores in sight.

I do enjoy the wonderfully lit landscape more than the emo guys though. Keep it up!