Back :)

(IMProvisar) #1

Hey folks,

I’m back. Still getting settled in, and haven’t recieved the household goods shipment yet (furniture, and everything that wasn’t in my suitcases or my computer… which I Fed-Ex’d, lol).

Just got internet hooked up. It’s somewhat funny… we don’t get cable TV, we’re not on a city water or sewer system, and none of the pizza places will deliver this far out, but we got broadband, rofl. DSL… doesn’t seem quite as fast as the Roadrunner cable ISP we had back in Hawaii, but hey… it’s better than dialup.

Well… I look forward to reading up on the big bash, and what’s been going on the past month and a half.

I may have some photos taken here to put up, and more about being back home in Alabama… I’ll post in off-topic.

I may even have an update on one of my 3D projects, I’ll takes some renders soon and put them up in the WIP forums.

Good to be back,

(Timonides) #2

Hi… I’m glad to see you back Imp… :wink:

Ohh my GOD!!!

No pizza place delivers at your house??? :o

I hope this isn’t true…

Ohh man this must be like a nightmare for you… (:P)

Good luck with your projects… :smiley:

Nice to hear from you again…


(CurtisS) #3

Welcome back to the mainland! Now get blending! :slight_smile:

(IMProvisar) #4

Yup… the best they’ll do is meet us at a gas station about 6-8 miles away, but that’s as far as they’ll go. Hehe… and I used to work for Domino’s in Hawaii.

But, on the bright side, only a mile past the meeting place is a local restaurant. I can get takeout… excellent burgers, and they’ve been judged to have the best pizza in the county.


(kaktuswasse) #5

nice to have you back… but on question:
why the hell did you leave HAWAII?
othere people would LOVE to live there(me included :wink: )

cya henrik

(IMProvisar) #6

Expensive. If I weren’t living with my parents while I was there, in housing provided by the military, there’s no way I could afford to live there without a second and third job… of course, if I did that, I couldn’t finish school. :frowning:


(Friday13) #7

Hey, welcome back IMP, but how can you compare pizza delivery with boadband?!?!?! Everyone knows pizza is better! :wink: :wink: :wink:

(theeth) #8

good to see you back :slight_smile: