Backburner for Blender 2.8

Does Blender 2.8 have a feature to render like 3ds max/Maya has to Backburner where you employ other PCs with Blender to help you render some frames of a scene or frames to a network folder. I am not sure what is it called in Blender or how to do it?

You mean something like this:

Is this a renderfarm? I don;t ahve that kinda cash

It is priceless, you share your cpu with other and get credits for that, these can be spent for rendering.

But maybe you want to setup your own farm, there are solutions too:

I guess there are other too if you make a search.

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Oh so its called network render…

Too late but yeah, I Update an add-on that can submit Blender Scene to Backburner.

Install the BsMax and go to Properties/ Output/ Backburner