Backdrop of last render in wire preview? How I manage to do that?

Check this out, awesome feature that I did by clicking some random option by mistake. If anybody knows, please tell me how to repeat that (picture in backdrop is my last render) :smiley:


Not entirely sure I understand the question, but I’m guessing you want to change this from Wireframe to Solid:-

No, I want to see my render result in backdrop, when I switch to wire mode.

Looks like some sort of graphics buffer glitch and not some hidden feature inside of Blender…:wink:

Looking at the very bottom of the screen I have to agree with Ikari but you can get very similar results by working in ‘textured’ or even ‘material’ modes,

Even if there were some way to show a render in the background of the 3D view (as there is in the compositor) as soon as you navigate the view a little it would be out of sync so of little use.