Backedges still visible in ortographic view?

Having a weird issue here. Actually suffering it since a long time but i guess everybody has limited patience lol.

The problem is, when i switch to ortographic view, in SOLID mode, having “limited selection to visible” activated, i can still see the edges behind my model. Its really frustrating. If i switch to perspective, it looks completely fine. I think in some circunstances i fixed it tweaking the clipping distance of the camera, but other times it just wont work. The more i try 2.79 the more bugs i find…

Any ideas why this is happening???


scene.blend (533 KB)

why do you crop your screenshots? Most of the times a blend file is necessary. Full screenshots normally don’t provide the usefull information for any help. Cropped screenshots are totally useless 99% of the cases.

without a blend file the two images look just fine and normal for displaying faces and edges

Yes, im sorry for that. I forgot to include the scene.

Your viewport clipping end value is set to 100 km vs. 1 cm for the clipping start… Blender can’t cover such a range in values without sacrificing precision of the display, especially in ortho view, to which the distance to camera is meaningless.

I suggest you leave those clipping values at default unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you changed those nonetheless, you can always right-click any of those parameters and select “Reset to Default”.

And BTW, 8 out of 10 times someone around here calls out a bug, the bug is actually sitting in front of the PC…:wink:

It doesnt matter what clipping values i put in, i already tried different value ranges, including the default ones, thats why im asking for help in first place. Those values you see in the screencapture are wrong, but it really doesnt matter anyways. I tried with 1km in the far view plane (that is usually a good value) and it didnt fix anything. Unless it doesnt update in real time, and i need to close Blender and open it again… (that i didnt try).

Funny. Works perfectly fine for me: